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Mike Le Group is on the hunt for elite professionals to enhance our advisory team. If you’re ready to elevate your career, please send your resume to, directed to ‘Recruiting.


Currently interviewing:

– Customer Service 

– Sales Advisors

Growth Opportunities

At Mike Le Group, we’re committed to fostering an environment that prioritizes internal growth. As we navigate the complexities of emerging markets and diversify into new business verticals, our organization continues to experience rapid expansion.

Market Expansion

Exploring new territories and sectors, broadening our reach and impact.


Continuously enhancing our product offerings to meet evolving needs.

Employee Investment

Elevating the work experience to inspire and retain our talented team.

Income Diversity

Strategically diversifying revenue sources to ensure stability and growth.

More of our services

Sales Development

From entry-level to high-ticket sales mastery, our tailored sales development programs are designed to refine your approach, enhance your techniques, and escalate your results.


Leverage our expertise in real estate management to oversee your properties across short, medium, or long-term investments, allowing you to concentrate on acquisition and capital growth.

Business Development

Originating as a small enterprise ourselves, we intimately understand the challenges and opportunities you face. Our seasoned professionals are poised to guide your future planning. 

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